Veterans Fishing Adventure Gives Back to our Service Members

By Don McCann, Immediate Past VMTA President

As a surveyor I have had the opportunity to examine a plethora of vessels; from fiberglass sailing and go-fast boats, to steel and aluminum tugs, barges, and fishing vessels, wooden workboats and elegant wooden schooners and yachts from bygone days, and yes, a few ferrocement sailing vessels.

Recently I had the opportunity to examine a newly built aluminum landing vessel, “Knot 4 Got’n”, designed for one purpose, to provide a fishing and boating opportunity for veterans of the US Armed Forces who have mobility issues.

The Idea and concept

The concept of Ed Moore and his daughter was brought about as a result of their desire to share their passion for fishing with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. As a consequence, they founded Veterans Fishing Adventure, Inc. With help from Nathan Grubb of in Hopewell, Virginia they designed and built an indestructible aluminum landing craft for easy access by persons confined to wheel chairs.

Vessel Design

The vessel is constructed using 5086 H116 aluminum, with closed cell foam injected in all voids, and painted with Line-X weather-resistant coating. The foam is made by the Carpenter Company in Richmond, the Line-X foam comes from Old Dominion LineX, with facilities in Hopewell and Midlothian. The cabin is air-conditioned and the vessel is powered by a jet drive unit designed by Battle Boats. A prototype has been built for the Hopewell fire department for work on the James and Appomattox Rivers, and has proven itself. With a draft of only six inches, his boats can run in one foot of water and withstand rocks and falls, floating logs and, according to Nathen, even bullets.

Future Plans

Upon completion of construction, the vessel will be on display at the Virginia boat show, then taken to Fort Belvoir for a viewing by Army brass. It is Ed’s intent to have a fleet of these vessels spread along the eastern seaboard for access to as many veterans as wish to come aboard for a few hours of fishing.


Oh, and one more thing, Ed has financed this endeavor from his own savings, if you are so inclined, check out his web site and send a couple of bucks his way. This project is all Virginia, and in my mind, deserves the support of the members of the Virginia Marine Trades Association.

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